Cymru Captures features what I call UK photography – images taken on my travels around the UK.  I point my camera at everything from mountains to dragonflies.

The exclusive 12 Pics series contain a dozen digital depictions on a theme. Diverse subjects cover Orkney off the Scottish coast to Welsh castles and Roman ruins.

We have some lovely countryside in the UK and 5000 miles (roughly) of mainland coastline. There are mountains, lakes, fens, moors and rivers.

The images on this website hardly scratch the surface of all of these places. Throw in some sunshine (and even rain) and there is a wealth of photographic opportunity and places to visit at our fingertips.


The blog pages offer my personal thoughts into the world of photography. This could be about locations I visit or maybe technique and the equipment I use. I may just make general remarks on the world of photography or possibly life.